Wedding Etiquette the do’s and don’ts

Now here is a conundrum for each of you.  Do you follow the rules surrounding wedding etiquette or not? How important is it nowadays to follow the tradition when so much tradition seemingly is disappearing from weddings?  So many questions and so many answers.  Well now there is a new set of rules for you to follow.

I guess and in my opinion my number one rule, which I think is shared by many, is don’t tell the world of your engagement on social media without first informing your family.  If you do you are already on a hiding to nowhere. You’ll upset everyone from your Mum and Dad to Gran and Grandpa alike.  So just don’t do it.

alt=metal basket with yes and no boards
Bin of Do’s and Don’ts of wedding etiquette To follow or not to follow?

I’m going to link this post to an article from The Knot a magazine totally dedicated to weddings.  It’s a very useful publication and has answers to so many of your questions.  If you are lucky enough, like me, you’ll even get mentioned in despatches, get your name and photos in print and relish in the limelight.

But hey lets face it rules are there to be broken right? and we do.  We have to adapt to the change and compromise when necessary.  Weddings cost a fortune to many so cutting back where you can ease the pain and financial strain and a quick shrinking of your purse.

So anyway I hope you enjoy the article. I’d love your feedback.