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5 Great Events You Should Consider Classic Car Hire

So many classic cars such as Rolls-Royce have quite the reputation among many people, even those who aren’t auto enthusiasts. Arriving in such a pinnacle of a vehicle is nothing short of exciting, especially as it sets a precedent about who you are.

Granted, it can be difficult to get and maintain a vintage car for your everyday endeavours. The next best thing would be to call up classic car hire on a special occasion. Partially, the event would help you justify the splurge, and you can finally take a spin in one of those revered vehicles like you’ve always dreamed of doing.

Here are a couple of event suggestions that’ll be ideal for contacting classic car hire.

1) Birthdays

Birthdays only happen once every year, so it’s best to get all the treats that you want for yourself or the celebrant that will make the day truly special. Arriving and stepping out of the classic car is the perfect photo opportunity to culminate another year of aging up.

Alternatively, renting out a classic car could also improve your birthday plans. Cruise around town in a great set of wheels and visit every place you want to go to. Whether you’re in your 20s, 30s or 40s, make the most of it.

2) Weddings

A grander event where a classic car would surely fit in would be the wedding. Whether it’s a large-sized gathering or just a humble sendoff to the honeymoon right after, having a vintage automobile can make the day much more memorable in the future.

Consider getting classic car hire for any bachelor and bachelorette parties as well before the big event. Guests would surely love to be driven around town, take pictures while on the road and celebrate these series of special days with you.

3) Gender Reveal Parties

If you’re looking for another event in a significant stage of your life, definitely consider classic car hire for a gender reveal party for your babies. It can be quite the original plan among the other ideas of announcing whether you have a son or daughter.

Of course, you can opt to get a vintage car in the colour of the baby’s gender or shower it with different balloons and other decorations. Seeing the vehicle roll up in either blue, pink or any other hue can be incredibly exciting for both you and your guests.

4) Local Festivals

There are so many festivals all over Queensland, and it’d be great to attend so many of them in style. Rent out a vintage car for the special occasion. Not only will it be convenient for you and your fellow attendees who are riding along with you, but displaying the classic car during your time there allows others to enjoy the sight of the automobile too.

5) Corporate Meetings

If you need to make an impression on fellow business owners or clientele, getting a classic car  or modern car that comes in pristine condition is sure to do the trick. You could even pick them up from the airport or invite them out for a drive to discuss business in the car too, providing a classy experience to very important people for your image’s benefit.


There are many special events where you can call up classic car hire. However, even deviating from all those days, you can just choose a random day and make it much more special with that classic or modern car ride.
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