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7 Destinations to Travel to During a Sunshine Coast Day Tour

Taking a day out of your regular routine to go around town is a must, especially if you find yourself on the Sunshine Coast. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, it’s worth exploring different sites in the area alongside the neighbouring localities of Brisbane, Hinterland and Noosa. 

Granted, it can be a little tiring to do the exploring part on foot. However, consider having a little tour picnic and travel around with classic car hire. Whether you’re coming in from the airport, leaving the hotel or just stepping out of the home for a bit, you’re sure to travel in style and comfort while you go on a tour of the best breweries, vineyards and several other sites.

Curious about where to travel to? Here’s where you should consider going on your Sunshine Coast day tour:

1) Moffat Beach Brewing Co

Moffat Beach Brewing Co said it best to say that they’re offering a brewpub experience to their visitors. Whether you’re seeking a bit of ale or a whole meal to enjoy for the day, you can look forward to getting to this unique brewery with a view of the ocean. Step out of the car if you want to take pictures of the skyline, though you can always pose with the automobile as well. 

2) Flame Hill Vineyard

If you’re searching for something deep and rich, Flame Hill Vineyard offers some of the best local wines that you should taste. Traverse the tranquil Montville and stay around for a while to savour every glass. With the classic car hire that’s touring you around, you shouldn’t have to worry about whether you’ll have too much to drink. 

3) The Barrel at Clouds Vineyard

The Barrel at Clouds Vineyard sticks out like a sore thumb in Maleny, but that pretty much checks out once you see the giant wine barrel that the place looks like it’s made of. It’s even prettier on the inside too, and you could enjoy quite a hearty meal. Some may love to enjoy some afternoon drinks outside while cloud-gazing, though. 

4) Brouhaha Brewery

Sticking almost in the same area, ask your chauffeur to bring you to the Brouhaha Brewery and Restaurant. They have quite a carefully crafted menu with recipes incorporated with beer. You could also skip those and try out more of their classics instead, but the beer is a non-negotiable must-try once you arrive in the Hinterland.

5) Glasshouse Mountains

If you’re looking for another site that offers gorgeous views and tasty dishes, Glasshouse Brewery at the mountain range of the same name should be included as a stop on your Sunshine Coast Tour. The Glasshouse Mountains are quite a picturesque viewing area by themselves, allowing you to take a moment and breath from your day. 

6) Maleny Cheese Factory

Maleny Cheese Factory lies in the heart of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. As the name may already suggest, this site can offer you some of the most high-quality cheeses and yoghurt that you’ll ever taste. They also have a chocolate factory a couple of minutes away from there, so you can hop in for a quick drive if you want to get some hand-crafted delights. 

7) Mary Cairncross Gardens

Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve or the Gardens have a good overlooking view of the Glasshouse Mountains that you may have visited a little bit ago. However, there’s much more to explore as this subtropical rainforest offers a fruitful bushwalking experience. You could rest afterwards in the car or the nearby Mountain View Cafe in the same area.


There are so many places that you can get to as long as you have the energy and a set of wheels to do so. Cover a lot of ground in the Sunshine Coast and create an unforgettable day with your loved one. 

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