Limousine Chauffeurs Are People Too

Limousine Chauffeurs Are People Too


At Champers Rolls-Royce and Classic Car hire we get to drive some pretty interesting people. From Pop Stars, Politicians, Movie Stars you name it we have probably had someone famous in the car with us. Not that we are going to tell you of course. As a Limousine Chauffeur one has to maintain a certain amount of decorum.


There is an old saying that “We hear nothing and we see nothing” well unless we are completely blindfold and have earphones in that’s not strictly correct.


Of course we don’t go to a ride loaded up with a smart phone to record and take pictures of your every move. We are far more respectful than that.


So next time you take a ride just remember your Limousine Chauffeur is a person too. We have feeling just like anyone else, although I must admit it’s pretty hard at times trying to switch off from some of the conversations coming from the back.


Champers Rolls-Royce Hire Chauffeurs remain professional all the time, whether we are providing an airport transfer service, providing a classic wedding car for you big day or just taking you to celebrate an anniversary or birthday. The level of service you get from us will be first class.


Don’t ever be afraid of engaging your Limousine Chauffeur in conversation. Hey we have some stories too you know. Not that we are going to bore the pants off you, but believe me we know within the first few minutes of driving you whether or not a conversation is in order. All Limousine Chauffeurs only engage in conversation when spoken to first.


Some clients cannot help themselves. I remember on one occasion I drove the ex Prime Minister of Australia, who engaged me in conversation with stories of International Politicians that would make a Nun blush!


The relationship between driver and client is a tenuous one, sometimes filled with heart-warming moments. A few celebrity clients are known for being generous. I’ve heard of one action movie star will get to know each driver’s name, and will ensure they have water and access to a bathroom. Believe me when you are driving someone around for hours on end a bathroom break is important.


I’ve even heard of one celebrity that asked his driver to join him and his family at his house for dinner. Another, well known soap star insists her drivers be served dinner at her special events, just like everyone else.


Long days and sometime long nights can take their toll. Every Champers Rolls-Royce Limousine Chauffeur takes great care of their own health and well-being as well as personal hygiene. Clean white shirt, Tie, Polished Shoes, Good fitting dark suit and often cap.


If, as a passenger you would like to engage in conversation then by all means do so, and we’ll happily chat away with you. Otherwise we will make sure you’re comfortable and have everything you need to enjoy the ride. At Champers Rolls-Royce Hire we always provide Fresh Chilled Water, Mints, Tissues and a Smile.

Limousine Chauffeurs are always uniformed
Champers Rolls-Royce Limousine Chauffeurs are always dressed in a uniform

As a passenger there are a few things that are just polite.

Please Do Be Respectful

Don’t make Limousine Chauffeurs feel like they are not worthy. Yes, the driver’s there to attend to your every need, but that doesn’t mean you should speak to them like they are your personal servant and please don’t bark orders at them.

Don’t Compromise Your Own Safety

A Champers Rolls-Royce Hire Chauffeur’s main goal is to get you from one location to next safely. Idle chat may seem harmless, but it could be a dangerous distraction. Keeping conversation to a minimum when:

>        There’s heavy of traffic

>        The weather is inclement

>        The Chauffeur is in foreign territory

Don’t Put the Limousine Chauffeur in an Uncomfortable Situation

As I have mentioned talking to Limousine Chauffeurs is fine and encouraged. Putting them in an uncomfortable situation by talking about sex, politics, religion, and so on is not.

Likewise, ranting and raving about your personal life can be embarrassing and uncomfortable for your driver. That’s best left for another type of professional – a counsellor.


What experiences have you had with your Chauffeur or Limousine Company? We’d love to know.