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Choosing the Right Wedding Car: Should You Go Classic or Modern?

The venue, decorations, and food may come to mind when one thinks of weddings. However, hardly anyone considers transportation a top priority, but it should be! The car is crucial to the wedding experience—almost as much as the reception and the cake!

If one chooses a wedding venue that’s more than a couple of miles away, transportation will be a crucial part of the day. The closer the venue, the less important this factor is. But, even if the wedding venue is close, there will be times when transportation is crucial, like when guests gather for the ceremony.

Classic or Modern?

The first thing to consider is what type of transportation one prefers: classic or modern. Classic classifications are as follows:

  • classic: manufactured between 1919 and 1930.
  • Post classic: manufactured between 1931 and 1949.
  • Classic Acceptance: manufactured between 1950 and 1969.
  • Modern Classic: manufactured between 1970 and 1989.

At Champers Rolls-Royce Hire, we have classic and modern cars. If you can’t decide on which kind of vehicle to go for, learn about each option’s pros and cons below:

Classic Cars

Hiring a classic wedding car is a beautiful way to add another touch of elegance to the wedding day. These cars will make guests go gaga, especially if they haven’t seen one in a while. classic cars are usually decorated, which gives them a sense of tradition.


  • Classic cars add a fun element to the wedding and create a great photo opportunity.
  • A classic car can add to the theme of the wedding and give guests an insight into the couple’s personalities, especially if the vehicle is significant.
  • These cars are more affordable than one might think.


  • classic cars require a lot of upkeep.
  • Unless the classic car is immaculate, it might not be the most presentable vehicle.
  • There’s no privacy in classic cars, as the door and windows are not soundproof.

Modern Cars

Modern cars are the ones most people drive every day. Modern cars are ideal if the wedding venue is close to the couple’s home. However, if the wedding venue is far away, guests might have difficulty making it to the venue and back again.


  • Modern cars are generally easier to maintain.
  • Modern cars are more spacious.
  • Modern cars have soundproof windows.
  • Modern cars have air-conditioning.
  • Modern cars also have doors.
  • Modern cars are usually well-maintained.


  • Modern cars are more expensive.
  • Modern cars are not as elegant as classic vehicles.
  • Modern cars are not as eye-catching.
  • Modern cars are less romantic.
  • Modern cars don’t add to the theme of the wedding.

How Many to Hire?

Once the type of car is determined, it’s time to think about the number of vehicles to rent. Like the type of car, this factor depends on the distance from the venue to the couple’s home. 

If the wedding venue is close to the home, one can rent two cars for the bride, groom and their parents, and a couple of cars to shuttle guests back and forth. If the wedding venue is far away, you may need to hire a limousine rental.


Getting married is an exciting journey, but if you don’t consider transportation, the entire experience might be stressful and annoying! Modern and classic wedding cars are unique, with their pros and cons. So, if you’re planning a wedding, remember to consider all the various wedding cars and make the right choice!

If you’re searching for the most beautiful classic wedding cars in Brisbane, look no further! Our classic wedding cars at Champers Rolls-Royce & Classic Car Hire help create lasting lifetime memories. With our classic range of wedding cars and limousines, we are sure to have you covered. Reach out to us today!