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How a Luxury Car Rental Can Make Your Wedding Even More Elegant

Planning your wedding is an exciting process. You’ve already booked your venue, caterer, and photographer, but you have yet to decide on other details, like your menu and cake flavour. However, one part that many spouses-to-be tend to forget is their method of transportation to the ceremony and how they’ll arrive.

The good news is that there are many options available for your special day, but it’s crucial to ensure you don’t hold back on arriving in comfort and style. When you’re looking at luxury car rentals, you’ll need to account for those who will be in the vehicle with you: are you bringing your bridesmaids or groomsmen with you, or will it be just for you or your future spouse? Your wedding day deserves perfection, so whether you’re hoping for Hollywood glamour, classic charm, or something jaw-dropping, you’ll need to work with a luxury car rental. 

Choosing a Luxury Car Rental

Researching luxury car rentals is the best way to find the perfect way to arrive at your ceremony with a flourish and make an impression. It’s also handy for transporting you and your wedding party to different locations so you can take photos without feeling stressed or uncomfortable. 

It is ideal to start looking for your perfect luxury car early, as many classic wedding cars are booked one to two years in advance. Keeping your wedding theme in mind and knowing the type of vehicle you’re looking for will make the search easier.

It’s important to note that many rental operators do not have the appropriate insurances in place, which means they’re running illegally, which is why you’ll want to choose your service provider carefully. We’re one of the few fully licenced with the Department of Transport to provide hire services, which means you’ll be safe and sound in our luxury cars. 

Scouting Photoshoot Locations

Hiring a luxury car for your wedding day can offer you more than transporting you to your wedding venue. You can use it to scout your wedding photoshoot locations in advance, allowing you to scope breathtaking spots that would make for fantastic photos. You can also visualise how the luxury car fits into the picture if you intend to return to the location on your wedding day.

It can take you and your wedding party to your chosen photoshoot locations, ensuring your hair and makeup are intact and unaffected by sweltering weather or humidity. It can also serve as the perfect backdrop, mainly if you’re aiming for a wow factor in your photos.

Photographing the First Look

Many couples choose to photograph their first look, permanently capturing the awe and magic of seeing each other dressed in wedding garb. You can have the first look as the bride steps out of a luxury car, providing the perfect backdrop for one of your most memorable moments. It also provides the couple with some quiet time before the festivities begin, allowing you to share some private moments while celebrating your love. 

Photos With Friends and Family

Another reason to get a luxury car rental for your wedding is to have some photos taken with your friends and family right by an elegant, classy vehicle. When you’re done with traditional family photos, you can have a portrait session right next to your luxury car or have it transport you to a more secluded place, keeping you and your companions comfortable. 


Luxury car rentals can make your wedding day even more unique, giving you the elegance and pampering you deserve as you celebrate your union with your significant other. Regardless of the type of wedding, you plan to have, a luxury car rental will make it truly unforgettable.

Champers Rolls-Royce & Classic Car Hire has exclusive luxury car rentals you can use for every occasion, whether you’re getting married, eloping, have a formal, need a comfortable airport transfer, or for any other purpose. Contact us today to book a classic car for your wedding!