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How to Score the Best Vintage Car Rental for Your Wedding

You’ve probably prepared everything from your wedding ceremony to the reception, but wait, have you ever thought about what’s going to be your ride as a couple? Of course, you need a car that will proudly say that you guys are married or are getting married. As much as possible, don’t use your personal vehicle. That day is special, so you need a special car too. What you can do is rent a vintage wedding car for a more memorable journey, and of course, for good photos. 

Lucky you, we will tell you how you can score the best vintage car rental for your wedding. Check out our tips below!

Tip 1: Find a Rental Service and Book Early

So that you know, a vintage car for a wedding is so popular amongst couples. Many are trying to score one, so you need to get ahead of them. As much as possible, source out car rental services months before your wedding so that you can book your favourite vintage car in advance. You can even start looking for the right company as soon as the wedding date is announced. That way, you can still have many options to choose from and steal the best one. 

Tip #2: Decide If You Need a Chauffeur or Not

You must know that vintage cars come in different shapes, sizes and seating capacities. Before you book one, discuss with your partner if you guys will drive, or you will rent a chauffeur-driven service so you can enjoy the backseat. You need to consider this so you can choose a suitable vintage car model. 

Tip #3: Know the Car’s Significance

While choosing that car because you like it is enough reason, it’s still best to select a somehow significant car for your life. Choosing a wedding car is just the same as choosing your theme, dress and other details for your wedding. 

Tip #4: Check Past Users’ Reviews

Before you go for that car with a special meaning to you, always remember to be practical. Even if the looks and meaning of the vehicle are already perfect, you still need to check the rating of the hiring company and the iconic vehicle. Of course, you wouldn’t want to have a car that will break down in the middle of the road on the day of your wedding. So, make sure you check past users’ reviews.

Tip #5: Check the Condition of the Vehicle

You can conclude that the car is the best if everything is in good condition. So, before you sign any agreement, check everything in the vehicle, including the mechanical parts, lights, windows, doors, air-conditioner, interior, exteriors, and everything else. 


Getting the best vintage car for your wedding shouldn’t be hard. As long as you follow our tips, you can have a higher chance of scoring the best vintage car. The rental company will also play a significant role in having the best one, so don’t forget to do your research and find the best car rental service company that can give you the best vintage car and rental service. 

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