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Top 5 Reasons Why To-Be-Wed Couples Would Rather Elope

There are several reasons why you and your partner should elope. Eloping is an incredible experience and an excellent way to begin your married life together. It’s also far more intimate and personal than a large traditional wedding.

What is Eloping?

Eloping is a marriage ceremony without the couple’s relatives and friends’ knowledge, notably their parents. Eloping usually involves a ceremony without the formal receptions or celebrations associated with a traditional wedding.

So here are some reasons why you should elope rather than have a large traditional wedding.

1. Avoid the Stress of Organising a Traditional Wedding

Wedding planning involves a measure (or tons!) of stress. And if you have an anxious nature or are easily agitated, a wedding will magnify these issues.

You must pick which place is ideal for you—a spot where your parents and friends will want to hang out. You must research wedding providers, do trials, attend menu tastings, suit/dress fittings, and keep track of receipts and balances due. 

Then you need checklists for a year out, six months out, one month out, and so forth. As the wedding date approaches, you’ll need to organise seating plans, gather dietary preferences, follow up with guests for RSVPs, purchase gifts for the bridal party, and plan a honeymoon… and the list continues!

In most cases, you will be doing this in addition to your full-time job. You’ll find all your weekends gradually consumed by this one activity. So, whether you are a professional event planner or both of you like the process, it might not be easy.

2. Greater Authenticity

Many individuals want to be as true to themselves as possible at their wedding. However, in some ways, weddings leave couples with many cookie-cutter outcomes that may not represent who they are. Choosing to elope allows them to enjoy a day that is more true to who they are than what others demand of them. Elopements empower couples to declare, “This is us, this is what we want.”

3. Spend More On the Honeymoon!

Couples who elope frequently do so in fantastic locations. The money that would have gone for a ceremony with many people they don’t know well now goes on a wedding honeymoon in an exotic or beautiful paradise. A wonderfully loved-up holiday together, packed with all the unique and photo-friendly moments like those who have traditional weddings get to frame and save in photo albums.

4. You Despise Being in the Centre of Attention

This may seem counterintuitive to extroverts, but some people don’t like being the centre of attention. 

The notion of going down the aisle in front of a crowd might make the sturdiest introverts queasy. And the prospect of hundreds of people hearing them speak their wedding vows can make them more anxious than lovey-dovey. Don’t even get started on wedding speeches or the first dance, oh heavens.

Elopements might be an excellent option for those who are more introverted. They are smaller, more private gatherings where you can spend quality time with the people you care about.

5.  Avoid Religious or Cultural Clashes

It may be challenging to merge families and wedding customs if you marry someone from a different religious background. Couples can get creative and uniquely mix their traditions during an elopement ceremony.


Whatever type of wedding event you choose, remember the essential thing: it should be entirely representative of who you both are and how you want to celebrate this incredible, exciting adventure you’ve chosen to embark on together.

Finally, the ultimate aim is to have a day — or two — that you can look back on and recall loving every minute of it. It’s your wedding, so make it look exactly as you want it to.

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