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Wedding Car Decoration: A Few Classic Decorating Tips

As with any significant milestone in your life, you’ll want to ensure that everything is done right. For weddings, this holds doubly true as this will be one of the most important life events, one that you will cherish forever. 

The wedding car is one of the more important aspects as this will be where you and your spouse are riding off in. All your guests will see the happy couple get in and you can expect a ton of your wedding pictures to have this in the frame. 

All this is subjective though as you and your spouse may want to dress your wedding car up to express more of your personality. Treat these tips as a guideline, a framework to work with when designing your wedding car.

Planning Ahead

Before anything, you’ll want to be sure that whoever is renting you the car is agreeable to having decorations strung up on the car. While most companies will be okay with this, it won’t hurt to be extra careful.

Keep in mind that others might have restrictions when it comes to the kind of decorations you’ll be using. Just take note of these and see what fits your initial plans. Of course, you could always borrow a car from a willing friend.

Once you’ve settled all the logistical issues, it’s time for you to start writing down ideas for the basic patterns or themes you want to follow. For weddings, it is best to stick to two to five colors. After all, you wouldn’t want to overdo things. 

You’ll also want to get an idea of the weather forecasts during the wedding. This is to avoid any issues with any of your decorations getting damaged in the rain or sun. 

Decorating the Actual Car

You can’t avoid ribbons for wedding vehicles as this will give your car that “bridal” look. To help you get started, here are some things to keep in mind when placing them:

  • Two thick ribbons across the vehicle’s bonnet is the perfect way to get the classic wedding car look. Remember, these ribbons should be long enough to reach the rear portion of the roof from the bonnet. 
  • Another tip for adding the classic wedding look is to string ribbons along the rear bumper of the car. You won’t want these too long though as they might cause issues later on. Get creative with the density of ribbons, 20-50 is a good range to play around with. 

For those looking to be a little “extra” with their designs, the car’s antenna is a useful fixture to work with. Add a splash of color by tying a curly ribbon along the end. Alternatively, you can wind a straight ribbon around the base, working your way to the top.


Considering how important your wedding is, you’ll want to pull out all the stops to make it as perfect as it can be. We hope these tips prove to be useful in helping you have the wedding of your dreams. Now, it’s also crucial that you get the right car so be sure to look for the best place to rent a car.

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